We are not afraid to appeal a decision if the outcome should have been different. Much of our appellate practice comes from referrals from other lawyers who recognize our experience in this area. We have conducted appeals in every level of court in Canada, from murder appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada to Traffic Safety Act appeals in the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Being held in custody while you’re awaiting trial can cause significant problems in your life, from your job to your relationship. You may only get one shot at bail, so make sure you have a lawyer who is prepared and tenacious to represent you in court. Deborah conducts all types of bail hearings including midnight bail hearings in front of a Justice of the Peace, bail hearings in Provincial Court, Queen’s Bench bail reviews and bail pending appeal in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Economic crimes often involve reviewing voluminous amounts of documents, assessing the details that will make a difference in your case. We handle all of our cases with the utmost discretion, with a view to upholding your reputation, both inside and outside of the courtroom.

These are the most serious crimes in Canadian criminal law, and you need experienced counsel to defend your interests. Each case is different, and we approach every file with the goal of obtaining the best possible result at the earliest stage.

Deborah brings the same tenacity, legal know-how and creativity to theft charges as she does any other serious charge. From stealing a chocolate bar to eat, to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from an employer, she will do everything possible to ensure you aren’t convicted of something you didn’t do, and to minimize the impact that theft charges will have on your future.

Firearms, stun guns, knives and even baseball bats and beer mugs – weapons offences are not always what they seem. For example, a stun gun may or may not be an illegal weapon, depending on its size. We have dealt with many different types of weapons charges, and we know what to look for to ensure you get the best possible defence.

A brief act or reaction, or a domestic dispute, could leave you with a permanent criminal record if you are charged with assault. Deborah can help defend against these damaging charges and help protect your future job and travel prospects, as well as your reputation.

Allegations involving illegal drugs are prosecuted under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Deborah has experience defending all charges, from simple possession charges to drug trafficking, as well as bringing Charter applications to make sure that your constitutional rights are defended every step of the way.

Impaired driving is a fast-changing and highly technical area of the law. Often, it is up to defence counsel to advance a Charter application to persuade the judge that your constitutional rights were breached during an investigation. Deborah has experience defending charges of impaired driving (DUI), driving “over 0.08,” and refusal to provide a breath sample, and we are always up to date with the latest developments.

Sexual crimes, including sexual assault, sexual interference and possession of child pornography are complex matters which require experience and vigour to defend. Many criminal law firms aren’t comfortable defending sexual offences, but we believe that everyone is innocent unless proven guilty. Because of that, we have significant experience in all types of sexual offences, and would be pleased to provide you with our knowledge and skills.

From administrative licence suspensions to corporations charged with commercial infractions, quasi-criminal proceedings can be just as stressful – and confusing – as criminal charges. Don’t assume that you can go it alone simply because it’s not a criminal charge. Quasi-criminal infractions can have a long-lasting impact on your life, your company, and your livelihood.

Although young persons (anyone between the ages of 12-17) can be charged with criminal offences under the Criminal Code, the Youth Justice system is separate from the Adult system to reflect young persons’ lesser moral culpability. The result is a separate youth court, with different procedures, rules, and ultimately, stakes. Because of the differences, some firms aren’t comfortable defending youth charges. We have special experience with young persons accused of criminal conduct. We don’t hesitate to defend youth charges, and we provide the same unflinching legal fortitude for youth which we provide to all our clients.

Uncompromising Criminal Defence

Criminal charges are the most serious issues you can face in your life, and the consequences can be severe. They can impact your family, your relationships, your travel, and can result in extensive jail time. With so much on the line, it’s important to have representation willing to fight for you. From bail hearings and reviews, to drug and weapon offences, to murder/manslaughter charges, Deborah R. Hatch is ready to tackle even the most serious legal challenges. You’re entitled to have your rights protected and to a strong legal defence, so make sure you take advantage of all your options. Contact Deborah R. Hatch Criminal Law today.